Blood Brothers REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “delightfully arthouse…intense”

Blood Brothers Review of Interview with a Hitman by Matt Reifschneider When “Interview With A Hitman” arrived on my doorstep featuring Luke Goss in a Bond-esque position with an old school stark white colored cover, I was ecstatic. Don’t let his past films and roles fool you though, this latest underground picture brought to the mainstream […]

The Action Elite REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “Intelligent and Entertaining”

The Action Elite Review of Interview with a Hitman by Bloom Interview with a Hitman is pretty damn impressive for several reasons. This is the work of a first time Writer and Director Perry Bhandal . The film was also made on a very low budget, and under very tight time constraints, and the finished […]

Blu Ray REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman is “viscerally exciting”

Blu Ray REVIEW of Interview with a Hitman by Jeffrey Kauffman There’s a certain school of filmmaking that argues that so-called “pure cinema” is the truest mode of communicating via celluloid. “Pure cinema” tends to rely as much on purely visual information as possible, telling the story in images with a paucity of dialogue and […]

REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman reviewed by Wicked Channel “the Hitman film Timothy Olyphant should have made”

Coming to dvd and blu ray March 5th from Well Go USA This may be my way of thinking but why doesn’t the Academy Awards look out for films that while not box office successes at least give you a career defining acting job? I mean, they are supposed to represent the best actor, actresses […]

REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “is very impressive”

Lunch Magazine Review: Interview with a Hitman is “very impressive” Luke Goss is is a particularly strong, charismatic lead, who clearly puts all of himself into even the quieter moments of exploring a life of crime.  Caroline Tillette – she plays the mysterious ‘Bethesda,’ a contract kill Viktor refuses to carry out – brings modest depth […]

REVIEW: Interview With a Hitman is non-stop, pedal-to-the-metal action. Slick and never out of control!

Well Go U.S.A. has tabbed Mar. 5 as the street date for DVD and Blu-ray editions of writer/director Perry Bhandal’s debut flick, Interview With a Hitman. One doesn’t normally get all that excited about indie filmmakers, working with a small budget and a tight shooting schedule, delivering their first feature film. Unless there is studio backing […]

The Other View review – Interview with a Hitman is “One hell of a film”

The Other View review of Interview with a Hitman Hey gang, Valkor here. The last time we saw Luke Goss around these parts, his film “Pressed” didn’t fare all that well and to quote my review “Pressed was an awesome, suspenseful, dramatic ride… up until those last 35 minutes. After that, it’s like watching a […]