FLIX66 Review: Interview with a Hitman “opening ten minutes are practically Kubrickian”

Flix66 Review of Interview with a Hitman by Eric Sloss

Director/Screenwriter Perry Bhandal has a nice feel for the medium in his debut. The opening ten minutes are practically Kubrickian. Bhandal uses no dialogue with pulsating music heightening the tension. He first shows a young boy holding a gun to a young girl. He looks at her with steely determination and cocks the trigger. The scene cuts away before we know the end result. Bhandal then takes us along to a journey of two men. One is an older man who drives out to the middle of nowhere and puts a bag over his head. It is all very clandestine. The other guy is younger and bald. He strides through the airport with a purpose. He then prepares a gun and his outfit with utter precision and control. The first words are uttered by a man just before the bald assassin kills him…

Bhandal shows a deft touch with the fight scenes. It is like ballet with fists. The choreography is well thought out. Bhandal also hit it out of the park with his casting of Luke Goss. Goss just has the look of a hitman. He’s got the piercing blue eyes, wiry body, hard glare and authoritative voice. It truly is what I would picture a hitman to look like.

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