Rock Shock Pop REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “impressive feature debut…A film that is as smart and thought provoking as it is tense and violent”

Rock Shock Pop Review of Interview with a Hitman by Ian Jane

The debut feature from filmmaker Perry Bhandal who both wrote and directed the movie, 2012’s Interview With A Hitman tells the story of a paid killer named Viktor (Luke Goss). We learn that he’s decided it’s time to tell his story and through this framework we learn of his past as it catches up to his present only to obviously affect his future…

What we do get, however, is some slick low budget filmmaking that makes the most of the cast and crew and which uses some choice location shooting to build atmosphere nicely. Goss is excellent in the role, he plays the heartless killer rather well and was an excellent casting choice for the lead. He carries the film nicely. As far as the story goes, it’s grim, sometimes shockingly violent and one which offers no easy answers. It raises more questions than it ever intends to answer and sometimes takes its rampant bloodshed to excess. At the same time, it’s engrossing and interesting – not perfect, but an impressive feature debut and one which should certainly lead to bigger things for its director.

A film that is as smart and thought provoking as it is tense and violent, Interview With A Hitman isn’t quite a flawless masterpiece but for a debut feature made on a modest budget, it gets a whole lot more right than wrong. This is one worth checking out and Well Go USA’s Blu-ray, while light on extras, offers up the film in excellent shape and with very impressive audio and video quality.

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