UpComing Discs REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “we’re reminded of a low-budget version of Michael Mann’s better work”

Interview with a Hitman US PosterUpComing Discs Review of Interview with a Hitman by John Ceballos

By the time we meet most big-screen hitmen, they’ve already attained the level of badass-ery required to be efficient killers. Far fewer movies take the time to examine the circumstances that result in a person becoming a murdering machine. Interview with a Hitman— a British action offering from first-time writer/director Perry Bhandal — stands out from the pack because it’s a surprisingly thoughtful meditation on the consequences of killing…

I mentioned the wordless opening because it turned out to be emblematic of Bhandal’s storytelling style. The movie opens with an eye-catching image of a young boy holding a gun to a little girl’s head….

That economy of storytelling carries over to the rest of the film and matches aesthetically with Viktor’s cool efficiency as a killer. (It also reminded me of a low-budget version of Michael Mann’s better work.) I mean, even the token “love interest who makes the main character want to give up what he does” is worked nicely into the story.

Interview with a Hitman is smarter and more engaging than the average hitman drama. The Blu-ray’s audio/visual presentation is impressive, especially when you consider this is a low-budget affair from a first-time filmmaker.

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