The Lair Review: Interview with a Hitman “Gritty…Entertaining”

The Lair Review of Interview with a Hitman by Jude Felton

In Interview with a Hitman Goss takes center stage as Viktor, a Romanian (I shit you not) hitman, who visits a film director in order to tell his tale, now that he is done with the killing business. Fear ye not though, we do not have to watch Goss struggle with a Romanian accent as he tells his story of how he became a hitman, and also the training that went along with it…

Interview with a Hitman is one of Well Go USA’s relatively rare excursions into non-Asian cinema, and it really is one of their better acquisitions. It’s fairly low budget, and has a gritty look to it, with the picture being washed of any bright colors. Instead of focusing on the violence, of which there is plenty, director Perry Bhandal, is more concerned with telling a story. The violence comes with the territory of course, but we are not dealing with scenes of gore or excessive bloodshed…

…the solid picture quality and above average movie more than make up for this. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the film, especially with Goss in the lead, but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

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