Blood Brothers REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “delightfully arthouse…intense”

Blood Brothers Review of Interview with a Hitman by Matt Reifschneider

When “Interview With A Hitman” arrived on my doorstep featuring Luke Goss in a Bond-esque position with an old school stark white colored cover, I was ecstatic. Don’t let his past films and roles fool you though, this latest underground picture brought to the mainstream by Well Go USA is not an actioner. It’s quite the reserved and artful thriller mixed with just enough drama and character focused drive to keep it delightfully arthouse while retaining some of that intense atmosphere.

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“Interview With A Hitman” is a strong suspense thriller for Luke Goss that brings his acting talents to the forefront. Director/writer Bhandal definitely executed a unique vision of what could have been a generic film and it pays off with some surprising twists that worked for me. It’s a very slow burning film that could have used a slightly tweaked structure and pacing to help, but “Interview With A Hitman” worked on a multitude of levels that shocked even me.