Movie City News REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman gets “an unqualified rave”

Movie City News review of Interview with a Hitman by Gary Dretzka It isn’t often that I’m able to give an unqualified rave to a thriller that goes straight-to-DVD, was made by a first-timer and whose cover promises little more than gunplay and death. “Interview With a Hitman,” written and directed by Perry Bhandal, chronicles the […]

FLIX66 Review: Interview with a Hitman “opening ten minutes are practically Kubrickian”

Flix66 Review of Interview with a Hitman by Eric Sloss Director/Screenwriter Perry Bhandal has a nice feel for the medium in his debut. The opening ten minutes are practically Kubrickian. Bhandal uses no dialogue with pulsating music heightening the tension. He first shows a young boy holding a gun to a young girl. He looks […]

Rock Shock Pop REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “impressive feature debut…A film that is as smart and thought provoking as it is tense and violent”

Rock Shock Pop Review of Interview with a Hitman by Ian Jane The debut feature from filmmaker Perry Bhandal who both wrote and directed the movie, 2012’s Interview With A Hitman tells the story of a paid killer named Viktor (Luke Goss). We learn that he’s decided it’s time to tell his story and through […]

Video Views REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “has you constantly wanting more”

Video Views review of Interview with a Hitman First time Writer/Director, Perry Bhandal does a terrific job telling Viktor’s story in a way that engages the audience and it has you constantly wanting more. He also gets the most out of his cast, Luke Goss is as expected as Viktor, He gives a powerful and […]

UpComing Discs REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “we’re reminded of a low-budget version of Michael Mann’s better work”

UpComing Discs Review of Interview with a Hitman by John Ceballos By the time we meet most big-screen hitmen, they’ve already attained the level of badass-ery required to be efficient killers. Far fewer movies take the time to examine the circumstances that result in a person becoming a murdering machine. Interview with a Hitman— a British action […]

Blood Brothers REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “delightfully arthouse…intense”

Blood Brothers Review of Interview with a Hitman by Matt Reifschneider When “Interview With A Hitman” arrived on my doorstep featuring Luke Goss in a Bond-esque position with an old school stark white colored cover, I was ecstatic. Don’t let his past films and roles fool you though, this latest underground picture brought to the mainstream […]