The Action Elite REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman “Intelligent and Entertaining”

The Action Elite Review of Interview with a Hitman by Bloom

Interview with a Hitman is pretty damn impressive for several reasons. This is the work of a first time Writer and Director Perry Bhandal . The film was also made on a very low budget, and under very tight time constraints, and the finished product was intelligent and entertaining. Obviously “hitman“ stories are a dime a dozen,  so they are nothing new. What makes this version stand on it`s own is performance of Goss and his character who is played to be an absolute perfectionist at his profession. He doesn`t get into long scuffles with people. He doesn`t need to.  He takes people out with calculated and precise moves that gets the job done.

This is another home run for Luke Goss who once again proves that to make an interesting and entertaining film, you don`t need a huge budget or other big names.  His performance, as well as Elliot Greene who played young Vickor kept me engaged the entire time.  For those that need more substance to your action films, this“ bud“ may be for you.  You have a smart script, great acting, attention to detail, and now all you need is 90 mins of free time.

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