Blu Ray REVIEW: Interview with a Hitman is “viscerally exciting”

Blu Ray REVIEW of Interview with a Hitman by Jeffrey Kauffman

There’s a certain school of filmmaking that argues that so-called “pure cinema” is the truest mode of communicating via celluloid. “Pure cinema” tends to rely as much on purely visual information as possible, telling the story in images with a paucity of dialogue and in fact in some cases even sound effects or music. It might sound (no pun intended) a lot like the silent era, but as the first few minutes of Interview With a Hitman prove, it can really be quite viscerally exciting…

Interview With a Hitman is a remarkable debut for Perry Bhandal. The film is unapologetically violent and quite bloody at times, and it also doesn’t attempt to sugar coat some pretty despicable characters (including Viktor himself), but in a very real way, Interview With a Hitman plays out with the sort of inexorable quality that one usually associates with great tragedy.

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