Bring the Noise Review – Interview with a Hitman is a “stylish, captivating and thought-provoking movie…”

Bring the Noise review of Interview with a Hitman.

A few weeks back we interviewed Perry Bhandal, the director of Interview With A Hitman. And now we’ve had a chance to check out his stunning debut feature film! Read on to see what we made of this British action thriller.

Interview With A Hitman stars Luke Goss as Viktor, a top Romanian mob-man who escapes Bucharest to London after being forced to fake his own death. Joining the violent Romanian underground as a boy, Viktor grows into a top hitman, but one day he is suddenly shunned from the very ‘family’ of gangsters who made him a success – and he knows they will stop at nothing to track him down.

After killing Sergei (Danny Midwinter), the man who loved him like a son (and who was cruelly sent on Viktor’s murder mission), our hitman sets fire to his apartment; forging his own death and later travelling to London. Desperate to get back to what he does best, Viktor follows the surveillance techniques he learnt in Bucharest to track down a wanted man in the city, and ultimately to win the acceptance of a London-based criminal gang.

With his super slick moves and rock hard demeanour, Viktor easily wins over the head of the mob. But nothing is as easy as it seems, and when his past comes back to haunt him, Viktor is left just as isolated as he was when he first reached London…

Interview With A Hitman is a stylish, captivating and thought-provoking movie, that distinctly showcases Perry Bhandal‘s potential as an auteur. This is a bold story, told with a distinctive flair that is sophisticated and emphatic. The whole film is darkly lit and extremely tense and the use of jump cuts alongside handheld camerawork heightens the claustrophobic and uncertain atmosphere superbly.

Goss delivers a solid performance as the impenetrable Viktor, and when his watershed moment comes, potentially, for him to put down his gun for good, his heartfelt deliberation holds a real sincerity and sensitivity.

Overall, Interview With A Hitman is enjoyable and well-paced, drawing the audience into its web of entwined story lines, without ever doing all of the work for them. Anybody who likes to be challenged while they’re sat in the cinema will enjoy Bhandal‘s first directorial effort, and although there are often silent sequences, we think it will appeal to all fans of action thriller films too.

Even if there are some small grumbles with this film (English being spoken instead of Romanian or some slightly sub-par performances, for example), one thing is for sure – Interview With A Hitman firmly cements Bhandal‘s presence as a British filmmaker, and we cannot wait for his next feature film!


Written By: Jade Turner

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